Monday, October 1, 2012


Prayer Points for the week of 9/2/2012
 1)      I declare that the enemy is permanently denied access into my life and destiny, that of my family, my Pastor, NDCC & PWM. I take and maintain my position seated in Christ Jesus and the enemy is under my feet. I walk in dominion, power and God’s prophetic purpose now.

2)      I declare that what was written of me in the volume of the books, my prophetic destiny and purpose will come into full manifestation without delay or interference. I declare that divine timing, strategic relationships, open doors, favor in high places shall manifest continually in my life, my family & my Church

3)      I declare that every legality, technicality, ordinance and judgment issued against me, my family, my Pastor or NDCC in the realms of the spirit be overturned. I command an injunction and restraining order be issued and enforced against all acts of spiritual injustice and harassment.

4)      I declare that God will rule in my favor and the divine order for my restoration and restitution is sanctioned by the Blood of Jesus. My victory shall be published throughout heaven and earth underneath the earth. All shame and reproach shall be washed away and I will receive double honor for my shame.

5)      I pray divine protection over myself, my family, my Pastor and the members of NDCC! The angels of the Lord encamp round about us and keep watch to guard my life and all that belongs to me in the name of Jesus!

"It seems God is limited by our prayer life - that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him"  (John Wesley)

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