Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Will Leave the Light On

I Will Leave the Light On  

My Bride,

I am the light: The light of the world. I am your light and the love of your life. When your world feels cold and dark, you can count on Me to warm you from the inside out and lead you on a great journey. You will never stumble and fall if you will allow your Prince to light your way.

Trust in Me. I see perfectly in the dark, so never fear-I am here to move the obstacles out of your way or lead you safely around them. And if ever you do stumble in the dark, I will always pick you up with My loving arms. Rest assured, My beauty, there will always be a light on for you to be able to find your way back to Me.

Your Prince and Illumination

"You light a lamp for me.The LORD, my God, lights up my darkness."
~Psalm 18:28 (NLT)~

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