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WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 45

Being overwhelmed by your feelings as you start PECKING and acting upon God’s will for your life is normal. You will face emotions like fearing you will fail and have only yourself to blame. Maybe you’ll feel sad and ashamed of past mistakes. Don’t judge yourself. All of this is normal, and God is right there with you, promising to never leave you nor forsake you (Deut. 31:6). Don’t quit! Get out of your feelings and KEEP PECKING!DAY 45-52 TD JA
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 46

No matter what stage you find yourself in while PECKING, you will encounter instances that tempt you to “fight”. But, before you fight, you must determine if it’s winning or your love of fighting that is driving you. There are things in your life that have conditioned a fight-prone personality. We have to fight to love, live and survive. However, think deeply to understand whether the spoils justify the fight. Don’t allow an old, fight-loving mentality destroy all that you’ve built during the PECKING process.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 47

God will equip you with KNOWLEDGE that will prompt you when it’s time to disengage from a relationship or process. Before you back away, accept that conflict can be an opportunity for true love and grace to flow! Don’t make the mistake of believing people must agree on every issue to be agreeable. Welcome the opportunity to talk to those with whom you might disagree. Be COURAGEOUS enough to look for peace in the midst of conflict.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 48

POSITIONING is a matter of strategy, and this strategy requires you to listen to God’s voice! Going off on your own will put you completely out of place and in a prime location for destruction. Heed God’s voice. Without His KNOWLEDGE and wisdom, there’s no way you will ever know where you are supposed to be. Get alone. Get quiet. Now, listen as God reveals to you the POSITION He has for you.

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 49

God wants to update your files with new KNOWLEDGE and information! Being equipped with old information prevents you from accurately distinguishing friend from foe, causing you to fight off the very people to whom God has EXPOSED you in order for them to help you! God often sends help in unlikely places from unexpected sources. As God directs you, learn to put away your sword and open up your heart!

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 50

Before you run, realize that it is usually the easy way out! Your new journey takes COURAGE! If you’re always running away from your problems, you will never mature into the person God designed you to be. Maturity requires that you know how to discern and decide when to run and when to figure out how to make something work. Be COURAGEOUS enough to stand firm and no longer make flight your customary response.

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 51

Making assumptions prevents you from respecting differences and learning from others. POSITIONING and EXPOSURE necessitate that you spend time with people who are different from you. It takes COURAGE, but the resulting KNOWLEDGE is priceless. When you only interact with people who look like you and think like you, you have no checks and balances to avoid extremes and to provide wisdom. Be patient in the new relationships God has given you, and look for the deep things that can unite you with others.


WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 52

We’ve reached the final day of The 52 Days of Pecking Orders, but don’t stop! Don’t turn back! Your POSITION has changed! You’ve been EXPOSED to things you’ve never seen! You’re more COURAGEOUS than you’ve ever been! You have new KNOWLEDGE to help in the days ahead! Now that you have all this, this is not the time to kick up your feet and relax. Go forth 

and possess all that God has for you. Fulfill His purpose for your life and watch Him take you to an even greater level!
And, I want to hear from you! Post your experiences below, and let me know how your life has changed during these 52 days!

Now, let’s end these 52 days in prayer…

Lord, we thank you for what you’ve done during these 52 days, and we ask you to continue guiding us to greater heights in you. Use us to accomplish your will in the earth. We ask that you continue speaking to our hearts as we go further, knowing we can do nothing apart from you. With you as our support and our Leader, we will keep carrying out our PECKING ORDERS!

In Your Name we pray,

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