Wednesday, November 14, 2012


WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 38

As you keep PECKING, you’ll be faced with the temptation to end a relationship of any kind. Before you do, consider the consequences. Ending a relationship carries with it unseen ripples of regret and second thoughts. Before you “sign the dotted line” to terminate a relationship, look at all the facets of the relationship along with your motives. Do everything you can possibly do to preserve a relationship before ending it. Your experiences here will help you as God EXPOSES you to more relationships.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 39

Before you quit anything, gain some KNOWLEDGE and do a self-examination! Though you might want to quit your life, leave everything behind and start over some place new, understand that you will leave the circumstances…but, you’ll never escape yourself. During PECKING, we sometimes quit the wrong things at the wrong time. Take COURAGE and face the situation head on so that, if you must leave, you can clearly think about where you want to go and what you want to do next!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 40

PECKING will call forth dreams you’ve buried prematurely that God wants to resurrect in your life. He will resurrect these dreams because they are a part of His purpose for your life. Grieve the past wrong choices you’ve made, but forgive yourself. Take COURAGE and celebrate hope for brand new opportunities. Face the facts about your dreams and how you’ve changed over the years. Are you COURAGEOUS enough to step into resurrected dreams? PECK!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 41

Before you break through to the next level of success, understand that you will nearly fail. But, don’t stop PECKING! Allow me to explain. People who’ve achieved great things are no more talented than you. They’ve simply learned to lean into their mistakes and persevere through them to the next level of challenge and expectation. Don’t quit! I’ve never seen a quitter win, but I see winners because they didn’t quit! God has you right where He wants you. Keep PECKING!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 42

Before you obtain dreams worth having, you will have to take risks! You must take COURAGE, overcome your fear of new heights and be willing to risk failing at the next level! If you see no way humanly possible for your dream to succeed, that is a great asset because it keeps you humble and willing to accept KNOWLEDGE from others. As you keep PECKING, ask for new strength and press on in the face of risk!

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 43

PECKING toward your future will introduce you to conflict. Remain calm! Before you “fight”, you must select where and when to direct aggression. To heal any conflict, you have to give up the need for revenge, retaliation and being right and “fight” for the greater good. This requires you to exercise patience, wisdom and faith in God’s goodness. As you PECK, choose your battles wisely!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 44

Before you credit extenuating circumstances beyond your control to your achievement or failure, you must admit that you are a victim or victor of your own making because of a key decision. This level of self-honesty takes COURAGE! Your decisions set the course for your life. Past decisions and their consequences can be offset by decisions you make now. Hold yourself accountable for your decisions and exercise the process of reflection, discernment and decision.

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