Monday, October 8, 2012


WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 52

We’ve reached the final day of The 52 Days of Pecking Orders, but don’t stop! Don’t turn back! Your POSITION has changed! You’ve been EXPOSED to things you’ve never seen! You’re more COURAGEOUS than you’ve ever been! You have new KNOWLEDGE to help in the days ahead! Now that you have all this, this is not the time to kick up your feet and relax. Go forth 
and possess all that God has for you. Fulfill His purpose for your life and watch Him take you to an even greater level!
And, I want to hear from you! Post your experiences below, and let me know how your life has changed during these 52 days!

Now, let’s end these 52 days in prayer…

Lord, we thank you for what you’ve done during these 52 days, and we ask you to continue guiding us to greater heights in you. Use us to accomplish your will in the earth. We ask that you continue speaking to our hearts as we go further, knowing we can do nothing apart from you. With you as our support and our Leader, we will keep carrying out our PECKING ORDERS!

In Your Name we pray,

At Woman Thou Art Loosed,  T.D. Jakes a message titled “The Pecking Order”. If you missed it, get your hands on a copy or download the MP3 from our site. During the conference God also moved me to share one of his breakthrough scriptures --
 Luke 2:52 "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

For the next 52 Days, beginning today we’re going to meet in the Spirit via social media. I’m going to be giving you “Pecking Orders” to help unlock FAVOR and POTENTIAL in your life and coach you into your destiny. Some of these orders will be spiritual...others will be natural, concerning issues like credit, debt, and leadership.

Bishop is challenging us to have 52 days of undistracted devotion with God. Get up early and give God the first fruits of your day. Have private devotion time. Meditate over Luke 2:52 and pray “Lord, Make me increase in wisdom and stature and favor…” Then, read your pecking orders for the day and believe God for a shift in your life. I want to pray for you as we embark on this journey!

Pecking order - giving of order & structure! 

God wants to bring your life into order. There's discomfort when there's no order. 
Sometimes order takes times! 
People don't have to see it in you in order for you to be it! If I can see it, I can be it! Whatever you put your energies into, YOU ENERGIZE! If you don't want your history to be energized, don't put your energies into it! 

It won't take you as long to step into what God has for you as it did for you to wander in the wilderness! THIS IS MY SEASON!!!! I am standing on the cusp of God's promise!!! 

The Book of Joshua is not for people who are weak! Moses was dead! A new leader takes over! Joshua was a warrior, a fighter & possessor of the promises of God!!! God told Joshua, "Stop the crying, dry your face! It's time to crossover!" 


Joshua could fight! He drew his sword when God came to him in Jericho! He told him that he would not win this battle with your sword, you will win this battle with strategy! This is SPIRITUAL! Put down your old weaponry! You are wiser now! 

The river parted when Joshua stepped into it! That's blind faith! The first city belongs to God, COMPLETELY! Pecking orders! (Matthew 6:33) God is FIRST! God gave him the strategy! There is a divine strategy for everything in your life!! The strategy may sound crazy, but it's what God says to do!!! Until you have endured days of nothingness, you are not worthy to possess what God promises you! He weeds out the weak hens that don't have the faith, who will not obey, who will not submit, who don't know how to follow instructions, etc!!! He wants to reward you for your obedience! 

Why did he send spies? God wants you to see a vision of the promise so that you will be encouraged to keep walking in obedience no matter how tired, lonely, hungry, crazy, etc you feel! 

In the city of Jericho, there was a woman that God had allowed to be there for such a time as this! There's nothing like being in the right place @ the right time! Wherever God guides, God provides!!! Your whole attitude & disposition has CHANGED!! Nothing that you've suffered has convinced you to go back to being who you used to be!!! You have been CHOSEN!!! 

Some of you have become a house for greatness to be protected! 

1. The Positioning - Rahab's house was positioned on the WALL! God used your storms to POSITION YOU in a STRATEGIC PLACE at a STRATEGIC TIME! You are in the right place @ the right time to do what God has placed in you to do! People you thought would never walk out on you have walked out on you!!! God used your haters to position you for divine purpose! The harlot's house was on the wall! Fall in love with nothing! Lord, at this season in my life, whatever, whoever, wherever you want in my life, I want to be there!!! God is positioning you! Press out of your comfort zone so that the miracle can happen!!! God didn't put you on your job to make money! You are in your neighborhood for a purpose! You are about to cross over!!! 

2. The Exposure - why did Joshua send the spies?! you cannot expect your children to be excited about what you're excited about if you don't expose them to what you see! God is EXPOSING YOU to what's next in your life!!! The greater your exposure the broader your exposure! Joshua couldn't work w/ people who have not been exposed to what he's been exposed to! You can't get what I got if you don't see what I see! He's exposing you out of your comfort zone! He's let you see too much to let you go back to what you were!!! The fact that he's exposed you to it is a sign that it's yours! Once you are exposed, you won't fit in with the people you used to fit in with! God is stirring up hatred in them so that YOU DON'T STAY THERE!!! You get it your spirit before you get it in your life!!! What you are feeling in your belly is a preview of what God is about to do in your life!

3. The COURAGE - Rahab had courage, great courage! She had the courage to withstand the King of Jericho at the risk of losing her life! Do you have the courage to act outwardly on what you see inwardly!? The strong hen rules the roost! It takes courage to be successful! Success breeds contempt! It takes courage to be different! It takes courage to go where you've never been before! People don't talk about people who don't win! Do you have the courage!? It takes courage to be exceptional, wise, rich, educated, transformed! I didn't come through all of this to FIT IN AND GIVE UP ON GOD's PROMISE!!! Enemy, past, illness, bondage - I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU!!!!! 

4. The KNOWLEDGE - you must have knowledge beyond your parameters! How did this harlot have knowledge of international affairs? Your knowledge must go beyond your situation! Read things you've never read before & going places you've never been do that when God puts you in position, YOU ARE READY! You need to be reading like a pregnant woman eats! You are pregnant with a destiny in God! I AM READY LORD!!!

Position me Lord so You can use me!
Expose me Lord! Open the door for me!
Lord, I have the courage because of all the things that You've brought me through! 
Lord, You have given me knowledge to grow in You!!! 

You are looking at people you know like "what happened to them?" Nothing happened to them, SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU!

There is power in the beak! If an embryo chick is born without a beak, it will not be able to break out of the egg! The egg is the world that the chick lives in. As it grows, it becomes uncomfortable because it has outgrown its world. The provision has become a PRISON & the chick wants out!I GOTTA GET OUT!! 

Rahab escaped by faith & works! That's how she got out! WORK YOUR FAITH!!!! Your faith is YOUR BEAK!!!! 

You're going to take your position, exposure, courage, knowledge & PECK your way out!!!! 

Joshua declared an order saying "BRING THE WOMAN OUT"!!! She was positioned, exposed, had courage & knowledge! A divine decree that her & all that she had be brought out!! She HAD TO COME OUT! You've got to come out! You have been ORDERED to come out!!! You will not GO BACK TO WHAT YOU USED TO DO!!! 

Whatsoever you bind on earth, hath been bound in heaven. Whatsoever you loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven!!! YOU ARE LOOSED IN HEAVEN!! YOU ARE HEALED IN HEAVEN!! YOU HAVE JOY IN HEAVEN!!! 

Rahab spent the rest of her life in Israel! What she started out talking about, she ended up living in!!! The order has been signed, your witness is in heaven, you have been loosed in heaven, the property is yours in heaven!! 

You can tell a fertilized egg by the spot of blood when it's cracked open. Jesus is the BLOOD! You are not just an egg, you are a FERTILIZED EGG! There are some things you have to peck out!! When you get out, you will be a pecking woman like you've never seen before!!! You will peck so strong that anything near you will not be burnt, destroyed, killed! You are a STRONG CHICK!

LUKE 2:52
52Jesus( CHANGE TO YOUR NAME)  grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people. NLT


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  2. Thank you for sharing with us women who were not able to go. I am starting today!


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  4. May God continue to multiply and increase the work of your hands for His glory with mercy, peace and grace, in Jesus' Name, Amen ...