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WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 22

The favor that God has placed on your life will cause you to be liked by people you can’t even imagine. They will be intelligent, influential and have wisdom to share with you on your journey. This requires that you EXPOSE yourself to more than just your familiar surroundings. These new “things” and new people God is sending your way may operate on a higher level than what you are accustomed to. Get comfortable trying new things and going new places. You’ll be glad you did! Keep pecking…
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 23

So many of us remain trapped in the shell of the familiar, never venturing out to see different locations, eat new foods or even hear music we’re not accustomed to. Then, we wonder why we never progress further in life. EXPOSURE is a choice! Do you choose to hold on to the familiarity of what you’ve always experienced, or will you take a chance on something new and vibrant? This may cause you to be nervous, but it greatly enriches your life experience. God has more for you than your current surroundings! Take COURAGE and step out on faith to see and experience more!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 24

With the estimated 7 billion people on the planet and the ability to be on the other side of the world in less than a day, it would be incorrect in saying there’s nothing new to discover. Sadly, many of us think just that! God’s EXPOSURE requires us to leave behind what’s comfortable to embark upon the uncertainty of the unfamiliar. As you move toward your goal, you will encounter the unknown. God uses EXPOSURE as the practice arena for the newness and uncertainty you will experience in your future. It’s best to learn the lesson of being comfortable in uncertainty now, than having to learn it later.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 25

One difference between Successful people and unsuccessful people is EXPOSURE! Successful people read and study new things, go new places... always preparing for the next move by accumulating new knowledge and experiences. These very experiences uniquely equip them to handle the vagueness of the future while they move toward their goals. Make a list of the different things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet availed yourself of the opportunity. You’ll often find it’s your lack of COURAGE that’s prevented you from doing them. Take action on the easiest one and accomplish it. As you’re EXPOSED to more, you will desire more!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 26

Like inmates in a prison yard, so many of us stay within the limits of the cities or neighborhoods we’ve grown up in, never venturing outside of them for the slightest amount of time. God has given you freedom--freedom to be EXPOSED to all of His creation and not just your particular street in your particular part of town. Take steps now toward EXPOSING yourself to more. Go to museums, theaters, orchestral performances, cultural festivals or anything you’ve never experienced in your own city as this will ignite a desire in you to see what lies beyond the “prison” walls of where you’ve always been. A whole new world of discoveries awaits…
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 27

Fullness of life requires a dedication to experiencing and being EXPOSED to new things. Imagine remaining where you are and doing the same thing you’ve always done for the rest of your life! If not for the sake of your future, go to new places and try new things just for the sake of getting out of your own comfort zone and living the full life God has ordained for you!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 28

EXPOSURE to more opportunities and people will quickly teach you not to get wrapped up in how things appear. Some details simply cannot be ascertained until you experience the fullness of the entire situation. A particular opportunity may look perfect on paper while your previous experiences instruct you to use caution and not take something at face value. As you head toward the fulfillment of your goals, heed the caution your previous experiences and EXPOSURE suggest. Your new found knowledge and wisdom will prevent you from making mistakes based on impulsive and emotional decisions.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 29

**In following Naomi, Ruth was EXPOSED to a myriad of new things, including gleaning remnants from the side of a field. While she was experiencing something less than desirable, but altogether new, she was completely unaware of the other method in which God EXPOSED her. Little did she know Boaz, her future husband, was watching her. She was POSITIONED for the redemption of her family line. God will EXPOSE you and POSITION you for His purpose.

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