Tuesday, November 6, 2012


WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 30

**In this new season, God will EXPOSE you to brand new things and people. However, don’t get caught up in looking at the outside of a person, relationship or situation! These things do not always reflect what is on the inside. Jesus said about the Pharisees that outside they were clean, but inside they were full of dead men’s bones (Matthew 23:27). Ask God for His wisdom and KNOWLEDGE as you navigate new territory and people!

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 31

As you become EXPOSED to more, you will need to shut the doors on those things that negatively influence you. But, before you shut a door you will not be able to reopen, stop and think. You need the KNOWLEDGE to be able to tell the difference between a bad door and one that’s simply not ready. Do not close a door on a relationship or opportunity out of frustration just because it squeaks a little. God may bring you back to it when you are fully prepared to handle it!

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 32

Forgiving someone takes a considerable amount of COURAGE because it requires you to be a bigger person and let things go…something most of us don’t want to do. Grudges spread and invade our healthy emotions. Forgiveness conquers bitterness! Moving toward your goals will require you to be COURAGEOUS enough to release the bitterness you’ve held for so long. Remember to forgive as you want to be forgiven!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 33

Don’t ever go into a business deal without the proper research and KNOWLEDGE! Doing so will quickly allow the stronger personality to arrange the relationship to suit them. KNOWLEDGE helps you ensure there is equity and fairness between all parties in the business relationship. Make sure you do what is fair, and be COURAGEOUS and willing enough to address and correct mistake
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 34

If you haven’t discovered it by now, PECKING will quickly introduce you to new things and people. But, as you risk doing or experiencing something new, you must accept that fear is normal! Nervousness and anxiety is a part of the nature of crossing a fresh threshold into the exhilaration of a new experience. You will always face new experiences with a degree of angst. But, take COURAGE. Feel the fear…but do the new thing anyway!

WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 35

When God POSITIONS you, He has a way of putting you in a place where you have no choice but to move from the safe center to the uncertain edge of a new experience! Admittedly, you would avoid making the necessary changes or facing the edge if you could. It’s here that you learn the value of faith and fuel of prayer. Activate both as God POSITIONS you to face uncertainty.
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 36

DO NOT TURN BACK! You are doing so well! Before you give in to your anxieties, respect what is at stake! This whole idea of PECKING may seem scary. After all, you’re operating outside your comfort zone the entire time. But, the only way to avoid these nerve-racking feelings is to simply play it safe by sticking to what is easy and familiar. Expect to be uncomfortable because the stakes of your future are high! KEEP PECKING!!!
WTAL - 52 Days of Pecking Orders - Day 37

Before you give up, affirm that the sky is the limit! You’ve been POSITIONED and EXPOSED. You’ve taken COURAGE and gathered KNOWLEDGE. You’ve set your goals high, knowing you could not achieve them on your own. Even if this is your second or umpteenth attempt, DON’T GIVE UP! You’re right on track. You were not created to play it safe. Take the risk and continue asking God, “Father, what’s next?”

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